Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 4th Basico Concert

Hey Kids,
  It has been quite a year of learning & fun! Our concert tries to sum up a whole year... it is a big challenge however we know you will give it a great try tonight for your invited guests!!

You all are stars 
Who will go far 
With the things you know 
Many places you´ll go!!
We are proud of you,
We hope you know...
Have fun, try your best, 
Smile bright, enjoy your night! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Hey lovely kids,
  Here is your new FINALE... remember Miss Caro edited the lyrics for you!!
Here is the song, then the Kareoke & finally Miss Caro´s lyrics!!!

SING! SING! SING.... smile too:)
See you tomorrow!!

Everything Changes by Keane (Edited by Miss Carolina- Concert 2017)
You say you want  to  learn  something  more
When we think about it we know the way  you can
Disaster, the body and ancient civilization …cause
Everybody is learning in different ways.
Open your mind, try to understand that.  We are…
Trying to build our knowledge by doing inquiry/ PYP
Let´s us to ask many questions and everybody  is learning in different  ways.
Don’t think questions will disappear fading into beautiful time…..
Cause everybody is learning in different  ways.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Zimbabwe- Please continue to follow...

Hey kids...
 We have been following the political events and changes in Zimbabwe during the past few weeks... please continue to follow and ask, Are the people in leadership really using their powers responsibly to attend to the rights of their people?
Read and discuss the news... what impact might the country have if these leaders are appointed?
Please look to see if other news outlets are observing the situation.
Please bring your thoughts and findings to class for discussion!

Friday, November 24, 2017


Dec 1- Please continue to follow the news for what is happening in Myanmar!

Nov 24th- Hey kids,
 Please take a look... watch the news or ask mom & dad what is happening?  Why is Myanmar in the news?  Is there a connection with our UOI?

Myanmar... beautiful right?!

What is happening in Myanmar?**click here**

What Are Childrens Rights?

***Caution- Children please view this with an adult!!***
A conversation is required to understand why not all kids around the world have not been given equal rights***


Child soldiers

Do all kids have the right to an education?


Child Labour

How can our knowledge help us to change the world? How can we help others?

Types of Government Around The World

Hey kids,
  You have been investigating about different roles of leadership in different countries around the world so I know you have acquired a broader vocabulary related to government.... take a minute to review... Do you have others to investigate?
Have fun learning!

Do all leaders who have power in government protect human rights or inhibit?

Hey kids,
 You have begun to analyze whether world leaders use their power for good or bad in relation to human rights. Some of you have discovered that leaders do for charity, insist on education for all, while, on the other hand, some leaders infringe on basic human rights in many ways. We have read about discrimination of gender, race, torture, capital punishment,  people go ¨missing¨ and even censorship (freedom of expression/speech and freedom of the press.)  
  While all of these things are horrific, please take a moment to think & reflect on the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and speech.. . We spoke about censorship today... do you think this may be a rights violation?? What dangers or consequences could occur with censorship??

Do you have any idea of what this image is trying to say?

What message is being shared here?
Please think carefully and share your ideas in class!

Do we have the right to speak about or criticize any of our leaders?  Do you know of any people around the world that may not have this right due to censorship or other rights violations?  Talk to your family about this.

If you would like to really take a more in depth search into human rights violations around the world I welcome you to click here to view **THE HUMAN RIGHTS ATLAS**