Wednesday, March 15, 2017

INQUIRY- Research & construct a table TICS in-class project

Good morning kids,
Our goal today is to read-research from the following videos & texts & then create a table or chart (as you have been doing these past 2 weeks in math) to show the information you were able to gather. Take a look the chart displaying information about breakfast drinks!

Resultado de imagen para tally chart breakfast drink

Resultado de imagen para tally chart breakfast drink

Can you read this giant table and share how many floods were reported for 2011?
How many windstorms happened in 2006?

Resultado de imagen para table of natural disaster in latin america during the past decade
1. create a table to share both earthquakes & volcanic eruptions during 2010 and 2011, including a total. 
2. Following your chart construction you must review and make several conclusions based on the information you have.
3. Please check to be sure you have included a title.

Using please open word and construct a table with your friends.
When you finish, tell your teacher... then you will begin an investigation...
BBCEarth- Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters (caught on video)
Additional texts 

Thanks and have fun learning!

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