Thursday, April 6, 2017


Hello kids!
Remeber one of our lines of inquiry is related to preventing & preparing for natural disasters?! Today in TICS you must reflect on your topic (wild fires, volcanoes, landslides...) by preparing a brief emergency action plan. Your plan must include a sequence of actions you must do to reduce impact (promote saftey) and attach images (you will gather from an internet search) to support your guide.
Please don´t forget to ask your mom & dad about your own family disaster plan!! Be ready and stay safe!

Below are 3 different plans for different emergencies, take a look!

A house-family fire exit plan.

                   A classroom plan for fire, tornados or attack.

                                    An airline emergency plan.

Please reflect on your natural disaster and create a brief action plan if a disaster occured while you were at school. (create-save in your folder in nubejunior)
It must include 1. the steps to do in the first moments, 2. during the process and 3. even days after. 4. You must include images to support your points.

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