Thursday, May 4, 2017

Provocation UOI2 Lifestyle Choices

Hi kids,
 Today we gave you a disability to live with for a few minutes & try to complete a variety of daily tasks & reflect on the outcomes!  We had a lot of fun, trying to manage. We also learned that lifestyle choices can affect our abilities in a big way.
We hope you share this experience with your familiy & friends!

Nico ¨I loved this activity. It was a bit difficult because I needed to do things without my hands. It was diffcult to write my name and other things. But it was cool!¨

Marty ¨I was without senstion to my fingers. It felt strange because it was not easy to do easy things. I had fun today!¨

Max ¨It was a little bit difficult, some things were more difficult than others.  I could not do jump rope without my arms. The most easy was to prepare tea, I used my mouth. It was a fun way to learn. ¨

Cata ¨I feel like it was very difficult to complete all the tasks. I had fun learning!¨

Emilia ¨It was all difficult.I had to comb my friends hair with my mouth, it was the easiest. I had fun learning but it was difficult.¨
Paralysis or injured limbs

Hearing problems

No sensation to the fingers

Visual impairment

Broken arm

No arms

Helping hands

Preparing tea

Getting pretty

Hair styling

Tea & biscuits were kind of difficult

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