Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Precious Memories...

Hi there mom & dad, family & friends,

 I send you a very belated trip down memory lane... our 4A class trip to Los Pellines.
First, I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting these beautiful memories published. We have had a technical challenges which is a work in progress... The school will publish all official photos on the school main page (4A-4B & 4C)  next week. 

Secondly, I want  thank each one of you for being brave enough to allow your children to experience a few days away from your arms to enjoy clean air, all things in nature and to test their personal limits. 
I felt privileged to been present! I saw something quite beautiful in each student.  Some kids simply blossomed in nature! Many were out of their comfort zone but thanks to our wonderful guides and the freedom to just enjoy and learn (life without demand, no watch, phone, computer, TV, It was TOTAL DISCONNECTION!)... it was possible!

*Please remember your kids can live and grow without TV, phone, computer... 
*Give them a chance to explore without distraction and influence. 
*They can be so wonderfully unique!
*Life is beautiful! 

I thank you for the chance to see your kids grow!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch :)
 Miss Noelle
Happy Faces on bus one

A mystery hike brought us to this magnificent surprise!

Making new friends!

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No distractions! Simple perfection!

These new babies were only a few days old!

Building shelter in the forest (but mostly just having fun together!)

Overcoming fear!!!
Many opportunities to interact with furry friends!

Visiting and handling the chickens

Singing and enjoying the guides music, something we enjoyed everyday!!

Hope you enjoyed!

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