Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Time to Take Action IS NOW!!

Reflection- We all try to be good citizens by throwing stuff in the bin but have you ever thought where does it go?

Why do you think the bird used trash to make his home?

How did trash make it to the desert?

How did trash make it to Antarctica?

How did this lake get so filled with trash?

Who left trash in the forest?

Can you think of what may have happened to this bird?

Would you like to go on a family holiday here?

What can we do?

Can you act alone? 
Can we ask big groups to work beside us to help protect habitats, ecosystems, flora, fauna and finally, ourselves? What about starting at home, in our neighborhood, school, talk to local companies, government...make a plan, contact the media... 

How can we ask construction companies to get involved in repairing any damage they do?


REFLECTION- Will this can have a positive impact for the flora & fauna that live in this habitat?

Do we recycle glass here at school? Let us find out? Do we recycle at home?

What can YOU DO?

UOI5- Central Idea- Living organisms depend on natural resources & transform them to meet their needs.  What will happen if we do not take action?

Kids I hope you learned a lot this unit & feel inspired to be RESPONSIBLE, make CONNECTIONS and be the CHANGE you want to see on our world!!
Good luck with your personal & groups action plans!!

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